# D3 galleries

bl.ocks.org is a simple viewer for code examples hosted on GitHub Gist. Its run by Mike Bostock and its the primary source of D3 examples online. Many examples are posted daily on there, however they aren't easy to find unless you use bl.ocksplorer.org. Type any d3 API call into the searchbar and quickly see the blocks (or gists) that use it.

# Inspiring digital visualisations

The reason I got into digital data visualisation was to build interactive sites which capture the imagination and either tell the narrative behind the data or let you find your own stories through intuitive tools. I'm not quite there yet, but here are a couple of examples that demonstrate what I mean.

The Robin Hood Poverty Tracker provides an accurate and unexpected picture of poverty in New York City. It is produced by the data viz agency Fathom in the US.

robin hood poverty tracker

The Portugese Public Opion Portal was built by a Portuguese agency called View Isobar and it was built using Grafico, an open source javascript charting library which is based on the web technologies: Raphaƫl.js and Prototype.js. They have also used the programming language PHP to build the site.

Portugese Public Opion Portal

# Digital data viz agencies

As you can see from the example above, studios that specialise in data visualisation and have the capacity to employ data viz designers and developers have the capability to produce fantastic work. Here are a few whose work I really admire:

Interactive Things, based in Geneva. Signal Noise, based in my home town of London. Data Addict and DataVeyes, who are both based in Paris. And finally Fathom, based in Boston.